Conferences - Seminars

  14:15-15:15 MA A1 12

(Travail en commun avec W. Sawin) Résumé : Il y a quelques années, nous avons montré que les chemins parcourus par les sommes partielles de sommes de Kloosterman modulo un nombre premier sont répartis asymptotiquement comme une série de Fourier aléatoire particulière. L'exposé présentera ce résultat, puis présentera certaines propriétés du support de la loi ... Read more about "Le support des chemins de Kloosterman"
By Emmanuel Kowalski (ETH Zurich)
  16:30-17:30 BCH2201

This presentation first provides an overview of our recent work [1-7] elucidating the charge-carrier dynamics in organic-inorganic metal halide perovskites for solar cells with power-conversion efficiencies now exceeding 20%. We discuss the fundamental photophysics that has enabled these materials to be such efficient light-harvesters and charge collectors. We demonstrate how parameters essential for photovoltaic operation ... Read more about "Mechanisms limiting charge-carrier recombination and mobilities in metal halide perovskites (LACUS)"


  Arcade du bâtiment BM (Place Nord)

"Travelling slowly means encoutering". These few words might summarize the photographic exhibition by Claude Marthaler, called Zen or the art of pedalling. With 15 photographs, each going hand in hand with a "cyclosophical" aphorism (in French), Claude Marthaler shares the secret of this incredible energy he spends to travel the world: the happiness of meeting ... Read more about ""Zen or the art of pedalling" by Claude Marthaler"

Thesis defenses

  14:30 Haute Ecole d'Ing. et d'Archi. de Fribourg, Auditoire Gremaud, Bât.A, Bd Pérolle 80 - 1705 Fribourg

Thesis directors :Prof. F. Stoessel , Dr T. Meyer Chemistry and Chemical Engineering doctoral program. Thesis 7259 Read more about "ACCUMULATION IN FED-BATCH REACTOR WITH MULTIPLE REACTION SCHEME"
By Charles Ibrahim GUINAND
  17:00 Auditorium of Biophore building, UNIL Sorge, 1015 Lausanne

Thesis directors : Prof. C. Pulgarin, Dr J. Entenza Chemistry and Chemical Engineering doctoral program. Thesis 7807 Read more about "New antimicrobial surfaces and intravascular catheters for the prevention of healthcare-associated infections"
By Myriam Koumba Sarah BALLO


  09:00-12:30 BI A2 468

What are good reasons to flip a class? What do students and teachers actually do in a flipped class? This workshop will introduce the participants to the various forms of flipped classroom designs and to the different instructional techniques that can be used. Hands-on activities will allow the participants to work on the design of ... Read more about "Flipping a Class from 0 to 180"