13:30-17:30 ELA 2

La transition numérique est en marche et le secteur de la construction n’est pas en reste. Sa mutation impose une mise à jour des connaissances et des acquis. Les institutions académiques romandes apportent leurs réponses à la demande de la profession en proposant une formation certifiante CAS en coordination BIM. Ces portes ouvertes visent à ... Read more about "PORTES OUVERTES - C.A.S. EN COORDINATION BIM"
By Planificateur : Tekhne, Entreprises : Groupe Zuttion, Losinger Marazzi, Ingénieurs : CSD ingénieurs ...
  09:30-17:30 BP 0232

Campus farmers is orginsazing his second workshop. We will be building the wooden structures that will host the garden beds and serve as furniture for the square in front of the SG. Everyone is welcome, no special skill are needed ! Read more about "Workshop Campus Farmers"
By Campus farmers, Laboratoire ALICE, OJU
  09:00-12:30 BI A2 468

What are good reasons to flip a class? What do students and teachers actually do in a flipped class? This workshop will introduce the participants to the various forms of flipped classroom designs and to the different instructional techniques that can be used. Hands-on activities will allow the participants to work on the design of ... Read more about "Flipping a Class from 0 to 180"
  13:30-17:00 salle BI A2 468

With the use of concept maps you can structure a course that integrates learning outcomes, course content and students’ learning activities. Read more about "Course Design"
  09:00-12:30 salle BI A2 468

In this workshop, we explore the potential of clickers for learning and discuss the challenges related to questioning in class, in particular the design of 'good' questions and the use of polling results for generating interactivity in class. Read more about "The art of questioning: teaching with clickers"
  09:00-17:00 salle BI A2 468

This workshop puts participants to practice lecturing by presenting 5 minutes of their teaching. Advice and feedback is given based to develop scientific communication skills appropriate for teaching Read more about "Effective Lecturing"
By Sike Mischke and Ingrid Le Duc
  09:00-12:30 salle BI A2 468

To develop assessment techniques which are valid and objective, notably to test if students have met the required learning outcomes. Read more about "Assessment Matters"
  09:00-12:30 BI A2 468

What strategies can I use to increase student participation? What potential advantages for student learning? At the end of this workshop, you will be able to: explain the importance of using interactive teaching strategies; select appropriate teaching strategies to achieve learning objectives; construct effective interactive teaching scenarios. Read more about "Effective Interactive Teaching"
By Silke Mischke
  09:00-12:30 CEDE

What technologies are available at EPFL to teachers to support learning? How can they be used to provide additional learning resources for students? How can they be used to provide feedback on student learning to teachers and to students? Read more about "Effective ICT"

Greetings from the Hematologists Summit 2018 After the effective wander of Hematology Gatherings in various parts of the world, Conference Series Ltd is overpowered to report the Hematologists Global Summit 2018 will be held during July 12-13, 2018, Sydney, Australia. . And this conference is going to be arranged around the theme "An advanced approach ... Read more about "Hematologists Global Summit 2018"