Internal trainings

  08:30-12:00 BI A0 397

Ce cours s’adresse aux personnes occupant un rôle d’administratice/teur ou de gestionnaire d’équipe pour la gestion des absences au sein d’une unité de l’EPFL. Il est recommandé de le suivre au début de votre activité à l’EPFL. Il a pour but de vous familiariser avec le logiciel de la gestion des absences, en présentant notamment ... Read more about "Formation Gestion des Absences"
By DRH - Service de gestion des absences
  12:00-14:00 GR A3 31

Practical workshops are organized by EPFL Library to support EPFL researchers from all disciplines to start planning their next funding application. Read more about "SNSF DMP workshop"
By Research data EPFL Library team
  13:30-16:00 salle BI A2 468

The aim of this workshop is to help participants identify and eliminate text, images and codes that may be interpreted as plagiarism. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to: Explain the difference between incorrect referencing and plagiarism. Use i-thenticate to correct your text in order to eliminate potential ques of plagiarism. ... Read more about "Stay away from plagiarism!"
By Ingrid Le Duc & Raphaël Grolimund
  09:00-17:00 EPFL

This workshop is opened to both women and men Description and objectives How could you feel more competent, worthy, valuable, and capable of doing things? What would enable you to address adversity with calm and resolve? How could you create conditions around you that would foster your ideas and projects? How could you develop courage ... Read more about "REGARD Workshop: Self-empowerment: discover how to build your power to act"
By Nir Zalts, expert for leadership and professional development
  09:00-17:00 EPFL, bi a2 468

This workshop is opened both to women and men Description Academic mobility comes in two main flavours: accepting a research position abroad, and short-term travelling for collaborations, meetings or fieldwork. Both can provide great opportunities as well as challenges, especially with children involved. Mobility can be an important factor for success in an academic career, ... Read more about "REGARD Workshop: Academic mobility and dual career planning"
By Sarah Blackford, academic careers specialist