Conferences - Seminars

  11:00-13:00 EPFL Fribourg

The smart living lunches take place every first Tuesday of the month from 11 am to 1 pm at the smart living lab in Fribourg. Two researchers present during 20 minutes their work related to the smart living lab's research fields that can range from construction technologies, to material sciences and renewable energy production systems, ... Read more about "smart living lunches"
  16:00-17:00 SV 1717

Science-fiction is becoming science-fact as emerging technologies are increasingly influencing our lives. We are experiencing progress like never before and it is already evident that our civilisation will change so much that its rules and technologies will be incomprehensible to the previous generation. The lecture "Exponential Ethics" aims to create awareness for positive and not-so-positive ... Read more about "Exponential Ethics"
By Dr Nicoletta Iacobacci