Conferences - Seminars

  10:15-11:15 CM 0 12

K. Hess, M. Kedziorek, E. Riehl, and B. Shipley have developed methods to induce model structures from an adjunction which they apply to prove the existence of injective and projective model structures on categories of diagrams in accessible model categories. In this talk, I will explain how to adapt their proof to an enriched setting, ... Read more about "Topology Seminar: Injective and projective model structures on enriched diagram categories"
By Lyne Moser (EPFL)
  14:15-15:15 GC A1 416

In this talk we discuss the local-global principle for integral solutions to systems of two (inhomogeneous) quadratic equations. In particular we will see concrete examples of Brauer classes obstructing the Hasse principle and discuss obstructions to the local-global principle in more general. This is joint work with Joerg Jahnel. Read more about "On integral solutions to systems of two quadratic equations"
By Damaris Schindler (Universiteit Utrecht)
By Alessandro Sisto (ETH Zürich)
  15:15-16:15 MA A3 30

Abstract: The life-cycle management of structural systems operating under diverse loads involves the tasks of simulation (forward engineering), identification (inverse engineering) and maintenance/control actions. The efficient and successful implementation of these tasks is however non-trivial due to the ever-changing nature of these systems, and the variability in their interactive environments. Two defining factors in understanding ... Read more about "A Monitoring Approach to Smart Infrastructure Management"
By Prof. Eleni Chatzi