Conferences - Seminars

  Neuchâtel, HE-ARC

BRIDGE is a joint programme conducted by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). It offers new funding schemes at the intersection of basic research and science-based innovation, thereby supplementing the funding activities of the two organisations. Young researchers are most welcome to participate in the events, where ... Read more about "BRIDGE: Information event focussing on proof of concept"

On 26 October 2017 a one-day consortium building workshop around selected topics of the upcoming Work Programme Societal Challenge 6 (Inclusive Societies) will be held in Brussels. The objective of this hands-on event is to prepare ground for consortia building: to give opportunity to future proposers to discuss concrete cooperation possibilities, to present their expertise ... Read more about "Horizon 2020 Workshop for Coordinators in Societal Challenge 6"

The event will take place on 31 October 2017 at the Eventfabrik, Bern. Get the latest information about the upcoming Work Programme 2018-2020 and take the opportunity to meet NCPs for bilateral discussions. This event sets the scene for the final Work Programme under Horizon 2020 for the years 2018-2020. With EU funding of around ... Read more about "Horizon 2020 Information Event Work Programme 2018-2020"