Internal trainings

  13:00-17:00 BS190

This 4 hours course is compulsory for all the collaborators, visitors or master students at EPFL accessing a P2 or P3 laboratory. Content: Risk assessment – Functioning of the various Biosafety cabinets – donning and doffing equipment – Treating a biological spill – Inactivation and disinfection - Waste Registrations : Read more about "FOBS 3 – BIOLOGICAL RISKS « Working in a P2 & P3 environment »"
By Stéphane Karlen, Camille Freyssenet
  08:30-17:00 VPSI Conference Room

The second Origin fundamentals Workshop is also very successful, thanks to everyone ! We got the double of registrations than the seats in the room. For this reason the registration has to be closed. If there are more people interested, please send an email to the Organizer. Because of the number of participants, the second ... Read more about "Origin fundamentals Workshop"
By Markus Höhnen from ADDITIVE
  14:15-15:15 CM1 4

Suite à la mise en place de l'ordonnance pour l’utilisation des logiciels soumis à contrat de licence, uns séance d'information à propos des droits d'utilisation des logiciels de l'EPFL sera présentée par la VPSI. Cette ordonnance est applicable à toutes les personnes à l'EPFL : collaborateurs, étudiants, externes. Les pages avec les informations sur ces ... Read more about "Information sur les droits d'utilisation des logiciels"
  09:00-17:00 BI A2 458

In this workshop, participants will apply vocal techniques to help them speak audibly, show authority through body posture, occupy space and breathe comfortably to deal with stress. Read more about "Using vocal techniques to teach effectively"
By Mandria Halder