2D-materials for (opto)electronics and energy applications


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Date 29.03.2019
Hour 10:0011:30
Speaker Dr. Francesco Bonaccorso
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Graphene Labs
Genova, Italy
Category Conferences - Seminars

2D crystals are emerging as promising materials1-5 to improve the performance of existing devices or enable new ones.1-5 A key requirement for the implementation of 2D materials in applications as flexible (opto)electronics and energy is the development of industrial-scale, reliable, inexpensive production processes,2 while providing a balance between ease of fabrication and final product quality.
In this talk I will show how the production of 2D materials by solution processing2,6 represents a simple and cost-effective pathway towards the development of 2D materials-based (opto)electronic and energy devices, presenting huge integration flexibility compared to other production methods. Here, I will first present our strategy to produce 2D materials on large scale by wet-jet milling7 of their bulk counterpart and then provide an overview of their applications for flexible and printed (opto)electronic and energy devices.3,8,9,10,11,12,13,14

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