Conferences - Seminars

  08:30-19:00 Forum Rolex Learning Center

The Doctoral Program in Photonics (EDPO) organizes the EPFL Photonics Day, which gathers the entire EPFL photonics community. The EPFL Photonics Day is for everyone: students, PhD students, researchers at every level and all those interested in photonics. Participation of EDPO PhD student is mandatory and they will have to bring their poster if they ... Read more about "Photonics Day 2017"
  10:15-11:00 SV 1717

Institute of Microengineering - Distinguished Lecture Campus Lausanne SV 1717 (live) Campus Microcity MC B0 302 (video) Zoom Live Stream: Abstract: The field of micro and nano robotics has made impressive strides over the past decade as researchers have created a variety of small devices capable of locomotion within liquid environments. Robust fabrication techniques ... Read more about "Soft Microrobotics and its Application in Medicine"
  11:00-12:00 MED 0 1418

Abstract: The next generation of computing platforms increases proximity to the source of information rather than to humans, allowing much more aggressive miniaturization. The key technology for miniaturization had been process scaling, which had reduced the silicon area, increased computational capability and lowered power consumption. However, the latest deep-submicron technologies do not fit well with ... Read more about "EE Seminar: Ultra low power circuit designs for miniaturized systems"
By   About the Speaker: Taekwang Jang is currently an Assistant Professor ...
  12:15 SV 1717

DISTINGUISHED LECTURE IN BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING (sandwiches served) Abstract: There is a high demand to develop innovative and cost effective devices with interest for health care beside environment diagnostics, safety and security applications. The development of such devices is strongly related to new materials and technologies being nanomaterials and nanotechnology of special role. We study how ... Read more about "Nanomaterials-Based Biosensors for Diagnostics Applications"
By Prof. Arben Merkoçi, University of Barcelona (E)
  13:15-14:15 MXF1

Understanding the mechanisms, extent, and consequences of receptor co-localization and inter-receptor communication is critical for the design and development of therapeutic nanoparticles and functional biomaterial scaffolds. Nature orchestrates specificity and selectivity in receptor targeting by introducing multivalency to control binding affinities. (i) Cell-cell interactions, cell-matrix binding and immune activation all are controlled through multiple weak ... Read more about "IMX Seminar Series - Designing super-specificity with precision materials"
By Prof. Maartje Bastings, EPFL Switzerland
  14:00-15:00 AI 1153

BIOENGINEERING SEMINAR Abstract: In my presentation I’ll show how modular protein sensor design strategies originally developed for FRET sensor proteins are easily adapted for the development of robust BRET and dual BRET/FRET sensors. In particular I’ll focus on the development of various BRET-based homogenous assays that allow detection of antibodies (LUMABS; LUMinescent AntiBody Sensors), small ... Read more about "Engineering Bioluminescent Sensor Proteins and Beyond: from Point-of-Care Diagnostics to DNA-Based Molecular Computing"
By Prof. Maarten Merkx, Eindhoven University of Technology (NL)
  16:15 BC 420

Abstract By considering mechanism design and economic arguments to incentivise honest participation and provide security, blockchains allow for a completely open setting. This setting requires new consensus protocols, and thus new assumptions and security properties. In this talk, I will discuss the idea of decentralization and how it relates to Game Theory, Distributed Systems and ... Read more about "Designing Decentralized Systems with Incentives"
By By Sarah Azouvi, UCL Computer Science Department, University College London

Cultural events

  Beaulieu Lausanne

Grâce à une Fondation privée, l’OSR offre 300 Cartes Jeunes donnant accès gratuitement à 4 places à choix sur ses concerts à Lausanne. Après inscription, les étudiants reçoivent un code qui leur permet de réserver directement leurs 4 billets sur le site de l’OSR. Ils peuvent ensuite se rendre au(x) concert(s) seul ou avec des ... Read more about "Concerts de l'OSR à Beaulieu - billets gratuits réservés aux -25 ans"
By Orchestre de la Suisse Romande (OSR)


  11:00-18:00 Bâtiment ArtLab

Situé dans la partie nord du bâtiment ArtLab, ouvert sur l’Esplanade, le Datasquare est dédié à une exposition de longue durée sur la thématique du big data, ici incarnée par deux grands projets scientifiques de l'EPFL: Blue Brain Project et Venice Time Machine. Ces deux projets, particulièrement complexes, sont mis en valeur dans des présentations ... Read more about "Datasquare - une immersion dans l'univers du big data"
By Blue Brain Project, Venice Time Machine
  11:00-18:00 ArtLab B

The outstanding Catalan philosopher and theologian Ramon Llull (c.1232–1316) encourages us to reread the late Middle Ages. Llull, not only theoretically and linguistically invented a new method of knowledge acquisition, like an engineer, he also mechanized it, and translated it into a machine. The EPFL instance is curated by: Prof. Dr. Amador Vega, (Universitat Pompeu ... Read more about "Thinking Machines. Ramon Llull and the ars combinatoria"
By Prof. Dr. Amador Vega, Prof. Dr., CEO and Director Peter ...

Thesis defenses


  18:30-21:00 PO 094.0

MoveOn, a commission of Agepoly, offer free disco-fox lessons. Disco-fox is a couple dance that is performed on current music, on what you can hear on the radio for example. The lessons take place in the Polydôme at EPFL on Tuesdays. 18h30 : Hustle (4-count disco-fox, recommended for complete beginners) 19h45 : Disco-fox, with choreography ... Read more about "MoveOn - Free dance lessons"
By Mike Bardet, Eva Lorendeaux
  17:00-22:00 CM 1 221

The EPFL Go Club Ishigo invites you every Monday of the semester in CM 1221 at 5pm. From beginner to advanced you are all welcome to play, learn and get to know each other! Read more about "EPFL Go Club: every Monday"

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Aim: BRIDGE is a joint programme conducted by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). It offers new funding opportunities at the intersection of basic research and science-based innovation, thereby supplementing the funding activities of the two organisations. Bridge Proof of Concept projects support young researchers (see eligibility ... Read more about "[BRIDGE I RESEARCH FUNDING]"



A partir de cette date, les rapports financiers commenceront d'être établis, les unités pourront effectuer les contôles mensuels (voir Règlement financier art. 72) et procéder le cas échéant aux corrections d'écriture nécessaires (voir Règlement financier art. 31) Read more about "Bouclement mensuel novembre 2018"