Cultural events


Hi! You haven't bought your ticket for the EPFL's major event Festival Balélec? Do not wait too long - come and get it at our stands! 35CHF, at Balélec Stands on ESPLANADE, every WEDNESDAY from 12H to 13H30 ! => all the ticket counter information here! Every year in May, Festival Balélec turn EPFL's campus ... Read more about "Festival Balélec Ticket selling"


  10:00-13:00 Rolex Learning Center

For the start of the semester of Spring 2018, the EPFL Library is putting Mathematics in the spotlight and offers from Wednesday, February 21, a selection of documents at the Espace Découverte "Mathematics and Music", as well as an exhibition of Ancient Books "Les Mathématiques sous toutes leurs formes". "Mathematics and Music", February-April 2018, Espace ... Read more about "Mathematics expose themselves"


  19:30-22:00 MED 3 2215

At Octanis, we develop pragmatic, open source and low cost solutions to practical problems. Currently, we are working on developing digital nestboxes for barn owls and a rover that takes measurements of the snow surface in Antarctica. We share experiences and tools, and make rapid incremental progress while embracing failure. Above all, we accept everyone ... Read more about "Open Night @ Octanis"

Internal trainings

  08:30-11:30 MA B0 424

Au-delà d'une visibilité et d'un suivi de vos équipements, l'application Sesame inventaire vous offre des fonctionnalités intéressantes en termes de maintenance, de classification, de renouvellement ou de gestion de la documentation de vos équipements. Cette application a également pour objectif de mettre en valeur les équipements de votre laboratoire et facilite la communication et la ... Read more about "Formation SESAME INVENTAIRE"
By Aline Villars & Anna Lucciarini
  09:00-12:00 BCH 5310

The objectives of this training are Reminder on basics in chemistry Recognising some specific hazards Management of instables and incompatibles substances Labeling of your waste Read more about "MANAGEMENT OF YOUR SPECIAL WASTE - Complementary training"
By Sebastian Brückner
  11:30-13:00 MED 2 1124

Ces séances sont prévues pour tout le personnel administratif. Le domaine de la recherche (DAR), comprenant le Research Office, le Technology Transfer Office et l’Equipment & Centers Managent Office, a le plaisir de vous inviter à une séance d’information et d’échanges. Au programme : Présentation par Matthias Gäumann, Délégué à la Recherche : Organisation du ... Read more about "[Séances d'information du Domaine de la recherche]"
  13:00-17:00 BS190

This 4 hours course is compulsory for all the collaborators, visitors or master students at EPFL accessing a P2 or P3 laboratory. Content: Risk assessment – Functioning of the various Biosafety cabinets – donning and doffing equipment – Treating a biological spill – Inactivation and disinfection - Waste Registrations : Read more about "FOBS 3 – BIOLOGICAL RISKS « Working in a P2 & P3 environment »"
By Stéphane Karlen, Camille Freyssenet