Conferences - Seminars

  09:00-18:00 CERM Martigny

For the second year, the Swiss Mobility Days are organised in CERM (Martigny, Valais) from the 26th to the 30th of April 2017. Beside exhibitions during the 5 days, one scientific symposium is proposed on Wednesday 26th and a conference day for professionnals and Communes will take place on the 28th of April. The objective ... Read more about "Swiss Mobility Days"
By Presence of the SFOE, La Poste, Tesla, Leclanché, Groupe E ...

Organised by the PhDs in Transitions Network After the successful PhDs in Transitions Conference at Greenwich University in April 2016, we proudly present the follow-up meeting, the 2nd PhDs in Transitions Conference 2017 “Sustainability Transitions: Theory and Practice“ 27-28 April, 2017 – at the EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland. The conference is organized by the “PhDs in ... Read more about "2nd PhDs in Transitions Conference 2017: "Sustainability Transitions: Theory and Practice""
By Frank McCormick, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCSF ...
  12:00-13:30 EPFL - Forum du Rolex Learning Center

The United States Mission in Geneva, in collaboration with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), cordially invites you to attend a unique discussion on innovation, the theme for World Intellectual Property Day 2017. The event will feature three prominent speakers who will focus on branding and visual communications, and how they encourage innovation. The ... Read more about "Innovation in Communications : A State of Mind"
By Emrah Yucel, a California-based Creative Director/Designer whose companies did ...
  13:00-14:00 MA 12

When does a group virtually admit a faithful C^2 action on the circle? We provide an obstruction using a RAAG. Examples include all (non-virtually-free) mapping class groups, Out(Fn) and Torelli groups. This answers a question by Farb. (Joint work with Hyungryul Baik and Thomas Koberda) Read more about "Obstruction for a virtual C^2 action on the circle"
By Sang-Hyun Kim Seoul National University
  14:00-15:00 Zeuzier

ChE-602 - Recent Events in Energy seminar series Semiconducting perovskites and their corresponding opto-electronic applications have evolved at an impressive speed over the last years. Given the maturity of this technology in terms of performance, a surprisingly number of scientifically challenging questions are still under discussion. The nature of the bandgap transition and the unusual ... Read more about "Challenges in perovskite photovoltaics: towards a stable and efficient technology"
By Prof. Dr. Christoph J. Brabec
Department Werkstoffwissenschaften
Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
  16:15-18:00 BCH2218

Natural products and synthetic small molecules are central players in chemical biology studies. Drug substances can perturb cellular processes underlying diseases, thereby enabling the discovery of biological targets suitable for therapeutic intervention. Small molecules have been shown to accurately tune protein and nucleic acids functions in reversible and dose-dependent manners with valuable temporal resolution. Hence, ... Read more about "An iron hand over cancer stem cells"
By Prof. Raphael Rodriguez, Institut Curie, Paris
  18:00 EPFL, Auditorium SG1

Wondering why should we care about Blockchain ? Join us for this evening event and listen to recognized speakers that will cover a diverse use of the Blockchain technology, demonstrating the reach and potential to innovate and challenge traditional business models. Guest Speakers: Daniel Gasteiger, Founder of Procivis and Nexussquared How Blockchain can help Governments ... Read more about "Blockchain: Venturing into the social realm"
  19:00-20:30 CO2

La matière au niveau subatomique ne se comporte pas d’une manière prévisible selon les lois de la physique classique. L’observateur pourrait avoir un impact direct sur les expériences de mesures quantiques. Le débat reste vif et les interprétations nombreuses quant à l’influence de l’observateur sur le comportement de la matière. Conscience et matière entretiennent-elles un ... Read more about "Conférence: Matière et conscience. Quel impact nos connaissances en physique quantique peuvent-elles avoir sur notre compréhension de la conscience?"
By  – au panel:   Dr. Giuliana Galli Carminati, médecin psychiatre (PhD) et ...

Cultural events

  19:00-20:00 EPFL, Polydome (PO 01)

L'association d'étudiants ArchiTango propose des Cours gratuits d'Initiation au Tango aux étudiants de l'EPFL et de l'UNIL. Quand: Tous les mercredis de 19h à 20h. Où: EPFL, Polydôme (PO 01) Pour s'inscrire, envoyer un email à Read more about "Cours gratuits d'Initiation au Tango"
  08:00-20:00 EPFL

Pour les trente ans d'Ingénieurs du Monde, la Semaine du Monde va battre son plein comme chaque année! Elle animera notre campus du 24 au 28 avril 2017! Rendez vous tous les midis sur l'esplanade (sauf lundi sur place Nord) pour d'incroyables repas du monde servis par les différentes associations des pays de notre campus. ... Read more about "Semaine du Monde 2017"


  08:00-20:00 Rolex Learning Center

On the occasion of "L'Astronomie" 100th issue, the EPFL Library invites you to journey through time at the heart of this magazine. An exhibition to be seen until August 2016 in the Rolex Learning Center ancient books display area. In the preface of the first issue (1882), Camille Flammarion mentions "Thus our journal will be ... Read more about "3 brèves histoires de L'Astronomie"

En dépit de sa disponibilité et de sa durabilité la terre comme matériau de construction reste encore méconnue et n’est pas vraiment ancrée dans notre culture, alors qu’elle possède une tradition sous nos latitudes. Cette exposition veut rappeler l’histoire européenne du matériau terre, notamment la construction en pisé en France et son influence sur la ... Read more about "PISÉ - Tradition et potentiel"
  12:00-13:00 Rolex Learning Center - Grand patio extérieur

Trois chaises à bascule musicales, de taille plus grande que la normale, sont installées par l'artiste suisse Camille Scherrer au centre du grand patio est du Rolex Learning Center de l'EPFL. Cette installation artistique, nommée Rocking chair, propose aux étudiants et aux passants de se reposer en se basculant. Le balancement de chaque chaise provoque ... Read more about "Rocking chair - artistic installation by Camille Scherrer"
By Camille Scherrer, artiste

Thesis defenses



Le International Create Challenge est maintenant ouvert pour la phase d'enregistrement Read more about "ICC'2017"

This year, the annual mobility survey takes place between Tuesday, 25 April and Sunday, 7 May 2017. Everyone will receive an invitation e-mail with a link to participate. The survey only takes a few minutes to answer and all contributors will participate in a random draw. Prizes are: 1x bike BMC Alpenchallenge AC01 105 worth ... Read more about "EPFL Mobility Survey 2017"

Internal trainings

  09:00-17:00 BI A0 398

Postures, gestes, expressions faciales, poignée de main... autant d’éléments non verbaux qui nous permettent de mieux comprendre notre interlocuteur. Ces vecteurs «silencieux» d’information nous renseignent sur autrui mais aussi sur nous-mêmes et il faut savoir les écouter pour mieux communiquer ! Read more about "Formation "Communication non verbale""
By Dr Catherine Monnin



EARLY BIRD Registration until SEPTEMBER 1st, 2017! Abstract submission deadline: 15 September 2017 Opening Evening Public Lectures: 24 October 2017 : Free entrance, registration mandatory Cocktails, coffee breaks & meals will be provided to all registered participants. This Life Sciences Symposium, co-organised by EPFL & EMBO Press, will be held from 24 to 26 October ... Read more about "Life Sciences Symposium 2017 Frontiers in Metabolism: REGISTRATION DEADLINE"
By See the Symposium website: