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  14:00-15:30 BSP 727

We give a brief overview of some aspects of quantum fields in a de Sitter background, from several perspectives. We discuss recent progress on a higher spin model of de Sitter space, including the structure of its Hilbert space, and microscopic operator content. Read more about "Comments on de Sitter space and conformal field theory - Lecture II"
By Dionysios Anninos (Amsterdam)
By Gunter Malle (Kaiserslautern)


  Rolex Learning Center

Connected devices, geolocation, trackers, browsing history, social networks... The report is without call: you are permanently tracked by your connected devices. And the digital data you leave behind is used and sold by data brokers. Want to regain control over your personal data? EPFL Library offers you a Data Detox cure. Read more about "Data Detox: regain control of your personal data"

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CODEV Seed Money program aims at financially support the launch of cooperation projects by researchers in all scientific disciplines at EPFL, in partnership with academic institutions in the Global South. Main objectives of the Seed Money programme Enable and foster the establishment of collaborative EPFL research projects with partners from the Global South with a ... Read more about "CODEV Seed Money call for projects"