Call for proposal

  Thursday 19 October - Friday 15 December 2017

3rd Call for screening proposals

The NCCR Chemical Biology welcomes high-impact chemical biology screening projects to be adapted and screened at the BSF-ACCESS platform (Lausanne) and/or the ACCESS Geneva platform in 2018.

Close collaboration with the ACCESS platforms will ensure optimisation of the technical design including assay development to be used in high-throughput/content screening, choice of chemical libraries to screen, data analysis in “hit selection” and validation and “hit-to-lead” optimization stages. Results and intellectual property data resulting from projects funded through the call will be owned by the researcher’s group organizations.

The selected projects will be sponsored by the NCCR Chemical Biology for 2018 after project evaluation by the NCCR Chemical Biology Steering Committee.

Details concerning eligibility, submission, selection procedure and time schedule of the call can be found on the NCCR website or in the announcement document attached. The submission form can be downloaded here.
Deadline for submission: December 15, 2017.


Organization NCCR Chemical Biology 
Prof. Christian Heinis - LPPT
Dr Gerardo Turcatti - BSF-ACCESS


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