AI for Security and Privacy


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Date 11.10.2023
Hour 09:3018:00
Speaker Pavel KORSHUNOV
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

This symposium explores how AI impacts security, privacy, law and ethics. It aims to understand what can we do to resolve the issues and risks posed by AI, while still benefiting from its power. The symposium aims to be a discussion and collaboration platform between academic research and applied industry, facilitating technology transfer and innovative solutions.

The symposium consists of three sessions, each including one keynote and several short presentations. The first session centers on security vulnerabilities of AI models and general privacy concerns. The second session delves into the legal and ethical aspects of AI, exploring such issues like accountability, transparency, and fairness. An interesting question is what impact on society AI has and will have in the future. The third session highlights the intersection of AI, health, and medical science, particularly the security issues associated with AI in healthcare. The focus is on the potential risks and benefits of AI adoption in the medical field, including patient personal information protection and the security of medical records.

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  • Idiap Research Institute


AI impacts security privacy law and ethics

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