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Date 17.04.2024
Category Call for proposal

  • Between £10k and £500k, inclusive of VAT (where applicable) and all associated costs (both direct and indirect).

  • There is no minimum length for a proposed project; the maximum length is three years.

We’re looking for bold ideas that could challenge assumptions, open up new research paths, or provide steps towards new capabilities. If you have an important idea you’re obsessed with, but you don’t currently have the resources or support to take it forward, we’d like to hear from you.
Ideas could come from anywhere, so we welcome applications from individuals and teams who are early in their career or who have atypical backgrounds. We care more about your idea and you intrinsic motivation than we do about your CV.

Beyond this scope and our evaluation criteria, we don’t have preconceptions about what ideas you might send our way. You don’t need to contort your project to fit our goals: we want to hear what you really want to do.
  • In scope:
    • Ideas that sit within the ‘Nature Computes Better’ opportunity space. By this, we mean your proposal should show how your idea either aligns with or challenges the assumptions of the Summary, Beliefs, or Observations in the opportunity space document.
    • Ideas that could change the conversation about what is possible or valuable.
    • Ideas that range from early stage curiosity-driven research through to pre-commercial science and technology.
  • Out of scope:
    • Ideas that are within scope of Suraj Bramhavar’s programme ‘Scaling Compute - AI at 1/1000th the Cost’, as these should be submitted to his programme funding call. If you are unsure whether your idea is in scope of the programme, ask us by sending an email to [email protected].
    • Ideas that are undifferentiated or that are likely to happen without ARIA support.
    • Commercial or close-to-commercial stage products.

We welcome applications from across the R&D ecosystem, including individuals (including those not affiliated with an organisation), universities (including proposals from students, postdocs and staff), research institutions, small, medium and large companies, charities and public sector research organisations.

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