BMI Progress Reports 2020 // Prof. McCabe's Lab - Jamshid Asadzadeh : Glutamate receptors interact with transcription factors to regulate synaptic scaling


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Date and time 09.12.2020 13:1514:00  
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Speaker Jamshid Asadzadeh, Laboratory of Neural Genetics and Disease, BMI
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Synaptic scaling, where postsynaptic receptor levels or composition are altered in response to changes in network activity, is an important adaptive mechanism to maintain circuit homeostasis. Here we describe a novel scaling activity of glutamate receptors in Drosophila motor synapses. Surprisingly, we demonstrate that regulation of this scaling process employs direct activity-dependent molecular interaction of glutamate receptors with postsynaptic transcription factors. Our results reveal a novel mechanism for activity-dependent gene regulation, where changes in synaptic activity can immediately influence neuronal transcription factor function, without the requirement for intermediary signal transduction cascades. 


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