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Date and time 12.11.2019  
Category Call for proposal
Aim: CARB-X welcomes applications from around the world for funding and support for the early development of antibiotics, diagnostics, vaccines and other products to combat the most serious drug-resistant bacteria. The goal is to support them through the early stages of product development and Phase 1 so they can attract private or public investment for further clinical stage development.
Round 4 for this program focuses on Direct acting small molecules, in particular those in a new class or with a new target.
For antibiotics and other therapeutics, CARB-X funds projects from Hit-to-Lead into Phase 1.
Funding: Project dependent.
Duration: Project dependent.
Eligibility: CARB-X welcomes applications from around the world. Applicants must have a legal entity. Product developers (PDs) must have appropriate operations or capabilities in place to support product development, particularly through the development stages in scope for CARB-X.
How to Apply: There is a three-step application process. First, an Expression of Interest (EOI) must be submitted summarizing the product proposed as a candidate for support. EOIs are submitted on the application portal. Selected applicants then move to the second step, in which selected companies submit a confidential Short Form. Finally, in a third step selected applicants submit a Long Form and detailed budget.  
EOI Deadline: 12 November 2019
Further information
  • More details on the call can be found on the application website.
  • A pre-recorded webinar explaining the 2019 calls can be found here.
  • For any other questions, contact the Research Office.

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