Categorification of Link Homologies via Homotopy Types


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Date 31.01.2022 14:0015:00  
Speaker Ilaria Rossinelli, EPFL
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

Links appear in many areas of mathematics, and the study of their invariants is a well-established problem. In particular, it is an interesting question if and how invariants can be recovered from higher invariant structures that enhance them and possibly provide more information.
In this expository talk, we will present one example of link invariant (the triply-graded link homology by Khovanov and Rozansky) and one possible categorification via equivariant homotopy types. This is based on the work by Kitchloo ( and
If time permits, we will also briefly discuss how this construction can be obtained from the categorical setting provided by traces and bicategories.

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