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Date 18.10.2022
Hour 16:1517:15
Speaker Prof. Georg Winter CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Location Online
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Title: Disrupting Gene Control via Targeted Protein Degradation

Thematically, we are working at the interface of chemical biology, cancer and gene control. We aim to innovate novel pharmacologic strategies that allow us to probe, understand and eventually disrupt aberrant transcriptional circuits in cancer. Our science is thus unapologetically translational, but we nevertheless aim to ask scientific questions that are fundamental in nature, allowing us to develop a better understanding of transcription regulation and the ubiquitin-proteasome system.
Our research strategy is inspired and driven by high-throughput and unbiased technologies such as quantitative proteomics, (nascent) transcriptomics and particularly functional genomics. Connecting these technologies with synthetic chemistry enables us to understand the mechanism of action of proteins, protein complexes or small molecules both on a holistic but also mechanistic level.
Currently, the main focus of the group is to explore the concept of proximity-inducing small molecules that enable us to rewire cellular circuits by acting as „chemical neomorphs“. This includes, but also transcends to concept of targeted protein degradation via molecular glues and PROTACs.

Speaker's biography:
Georg Winter, PhD, obtained his degree from the Medical University of Vienna, working on elucidating the mechanism of action of anti-neoplastic drugs. He specialized on proteomics- as well as chemical genetics approaches to identify drug resistance mechanisms and synergistic drug combinations. He continued his training in chemical biology, working as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. James Bradner the Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School. Supported by an EMBO fellowship, he published the first paper reporting on in vivo target protein degradation (Winter et al., Science 2015). His postdoctoral work led to the foundation of C4 Therapeutics, now listed at the NASDAQ. He was recruited as a CeMM Principal Investigator in June 2016 where his research is focused on using the unique pharmacology of targeted protein degradation to understand and disrupt aberrant gene control circuits in cancer His interdisciplinary research lab consists of 7 Postdocs, 5 graduate students and 5 technical assistants trained in molecular biology, organic chemistry and computational biology, and is supported by several national and international grants and fellowships including an ERC Starting Grant. Moreover, Dr. Winter is a coordinator of a research partnership between CeMM and Pfizer. His work on molecular glue degraders led to the incorporation of Proxyen in May 2020. His work on PROTACs contributed to the incorporation of Solgate Therapeutics. Dr. Winter’s contribution to the field of targeted protein degradation was acknowledged via multiple prices and awards, including the Wilson S. Stone Memorial Award from MD Anderson (2021), the Eppendorf Award 2019 the Elisabeth Lutz Award of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

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