Cooperative Energy Management Systems for Smart Cities


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Date 03.10.2018
Hour 14:0015:00
Speaker Yoshiharu Amano (Department of Applied and Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, JAPAN, / Research Institute for Power and Energy Systems, ACROSS, Waseda University, JAPAN)
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This presentation introduces a platform which is composed of a model of electric distribution network connecting residential homes, commercial buildings and industries in a smart city. To overcome tough issues such as PV (photovoltaic) curtailment, massive penetration of electric vehicles, we have been investigated on our platform accommodating cooperative energy management systems (EMSs). With the software simulator, we can investigate performance of the distribution network connecting individual load at each end-point, which emulates typical demand profiles of residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Then the dynamic performance can be confirmed on another hardware emulator. Smart home demonstration sites are also prepared for evaluating strategies implemented on each HEMS (home energy management system) connecting with digital communication to smart appliances. The platform virtually constructed as a cyber model of a smart city with a distribution network (DN). Parameters of each component model of residential state-of-the-art devices such as fuel cell cogeneration, CO2 heat pump water heater, electric energy storage, and PV are identified on our test bed. The simulation platform involves models of demand-side EMSs and supply-side EMS which govern the distribution grid stable. Some results from case studies on massive PV installation and electric vehicle penetration can be demonstrated. 

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