Creating Controversy in Proxy Voting Advice


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Date 03.03.2023 10:3012:00  
Speaker Andrey Malenko | Michigan Ross
UniL Campus, Room Extra 126
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

A critical question facing speculators contemplating to trade on private information is whether their signal has already been priced in by the market. In our model, speculators assess the novelty of their information based on recent price movements, and market makers are aware that speculators might be trading on stale news. An asymmetric response to past price movements ensues: after price increases, buy volume—because it may result from stale news trading—has a lower price impact than sell volume (and vice versa after price decreases). Consequently, return skewness is negatively related to lagged returns. We find strong support for these and other predictions using a comprehensive sample of US stocks.