Current and future applications of non-invasive and invasive BCIs.


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Date and time 13.02.2018 14:0015:00  
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Speaker Dr. Christoph Guger, CEO g.tec, Austria.
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Brain-computer interface technology is used for high impact medical applications: stroke rehabilitation, assessment and communication with patients with disorders of consciousness and locked-in patients, functional mapping of the eloquent cortex for neurosurgery and for neuroscience. The talk will highlight recent developments and future applications like avatar control with invasive and non-invasive BCIs.

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Christoph Guger studies biomedical engineering at the University of Technology Graz and Johns Hopkins University in the US. He is designing real-time brain-computer interfaces for rehabilitation, assessment, communication and functional mapping. He founded g.tec medical engineering GmbH in order to develop BCI neurotechnology for research and medical applications.

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  • CNBI, Prof José del R. Millán

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