DARPA Assessing Immune Memory (AIM) call for proposals


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Date 26.10.2021  
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The proposed costs must be realistic for the technical and management approach and accurately reflect the technical goals and objectives of the solicitation.  These costs are consistent with the proposer's Statement of Work and reflect a sufficient understanding of the costs and level of effort needed to successfully accomplish the proposed technical approach.

48 months


Military service members rely on effective vaccination for the prevention of communicable disease as well as to guard against biothreat exposure. Many current vaccines lack durability (i.e., do not provide effective protection over long periods of time), and there are multiple pathogens and threats that lack prophylactic options altogether. It is currently impossible to predict vaccine durability from early response profiles, largely owing to ignorance of mechanisms underlying immune memory as well as an inability to measure the cellular contributors that invoke long-lasting immune protection. Formation of immune memory is a complex physiological process characterized by a diverse array of cellular interactions and signaling processes. AIM seeks to develop a platform capability to predict immune memory informed by a systems-level view of the host response to vaccination and its mechanisms.

  • All responsible sources capable of satisfying the Government’s needs may submit a proposal that shall be considered by DARPA.
  • Non-U.S. organizations and/or individuals may participate to the extent that such participants
    comply with any necessary nondisclosure agreements, security regulations, export control laws,
    and other governing statutes applicable under the circumstances.
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Agency Contact:
The BAA Coordinator for this effort may be reached at:
[email protected]
ATTN: HR001121S0037
675 North Randolph Street
Arlington, VA 22203-2114
The Research Office strongly encourages interested investigators to contact the BAA Coordinator PRIOR to working on the proposal.  The Coordinator is available to discuss project ideas, budget, etc.

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