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  Tuesday 1 May 2018 12:15 - 13:15 GR A3 32

EESS talk on "A few snapshots of Environmental Fluid Mechanics: turbulence, sediments, and flow-biota interactions"

By Dr Vladimir Nikora, Chair in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, UK

Environmental Fluid Mechanics (EFM) has emerged at the interfaces of fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrology, oceanography, and meteorology to deal with multiple problems involving environmental fluid flows. The talk will briefly introduce EFM and outline the typical problems addressed by this fairly young and still emerging discipline. Then, a few ‘snapshots’ of EFM will be highlighted focusing on recent studies completed at the University of Aberdeen. Special attention will be given to turbulence as the main driving mechanism in most environmental problems, followed by sediment dynamics and flow-biota interactions, the latter being a rapidly growing research area which facilitates a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from aquaculture to river management to renewable energy.

Short biography:
Professor Vladimir Nikora is the Sixth Century Chair in Environmental Fluid Mechanics at the School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, UK. Dr. Nikora’s main research accomplishments relate to improved understanding of stream turbulence, development and applications of the double-averaging methodology for describing and predicting rough-bed turbulent flows, new sediment dynamics concepts for erosion and transport of cohesive and non-cohesive sediments, and novel studies of flow-biota interactions in aquatic systems. Vladimir Nikora is Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (Scotland National Academy) and recipient of 2010 Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award and 2017 Hans Albert Einstein Award of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Organization EESS - IIE

Contact Profs. Ulrich Lemmin & D. Andrew Barry, ECOL

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