EESS talk on "Big data analytics for extracting mobility patterns"


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Date 08.11.2022 12:1513:15  
Speaker Dr Christophe Claramunt, Professor, ISblue (Interdisciplinary School for the Blue Planet), France, visiting professor at LASIG
Location Online
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The advent of information and communication technology, the Internet of Things and social medias have led our society toward a digital era that offer new opportunities for the understanding of urban and environmental systems. The proliferation of personal computers, smartphones, intelligent autonomous sensors, and pervasive network interactions with individuals offer novel avenues for the understanding of human activities that happen in space and time. This seminar will introduce a series of methodological and practical advances and contributions of this digital revolution to the understanding of mobility patterns in urban and regional environments. I will also discuss with the audience a few key implications of this paradigm shift and some of the upcoming research challenges.

Short biography:
Christophe Claramunt is a professor of computer science and deputy director of the Interdisciplinary School for the Blue Planet ( whose mission is to advance marine science, marine technology and ocean innovation. He started his academic career as a senior researcher at EPFL in the rural engineering department then moved to the Nottingham Trent University before chairing the French Naval Academy Research Institute. He is currently back at EPFL as a visiting research fellow at the LASIG. His research focuses on theoretical and multidisciplinary aspects of geographical information science and their applications to urban, maritime and environmental systems. Over the past few years, he has been particularly working on the many opportunities offered by the digital revolution, big data and sensor-based technology to urban and environmental sciences.

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  • Prof. François Golay and Dr Stéphane Joost, LASIG


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