EESS talk on "Observing aerosol-cloud interactions in the Arctic"


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Date and time 08.12.2020 12:1513:00  
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Speaker Dr Paul Zieger, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science, Stokholm University, SE
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The Arctic is warming 2-3 times faster than the global average. Yet, the underlying processes causing the accelerated warming are not fully understood. Aerosols and their interaction with clouds play a major role in the Arctic system and are among the main contributors to the overall uncertainties in model predictions. At the Department of Environmental Science at Stockholm University we are using various in-situ techniques to study aerosols and clouds also in extreme environments. In particular, we are operating a special inlet that is able to separate activated from non-activated particles and thus allows us to study the microphysical and chemical properties of cloud condensation or ice nuclei in high detail. In my presentation, I will present results from our multi-annual observations at Zeppelin observatory on Svalbard in the Arctic, as well as recent results from the ‘Arctic Ocean 2018’ expedition to the North Pole on board the Swedish icebreaker Oden. I will introduce in more detail the experimental methods and will also talk about current and future research activities.

Short biography:
Paul Zieger is an assistant professor at the Department of Environmental Science (ACES) at Stockholm University, Sweden, where he researches on of microphysical and chemical properties of ambient aerosols and clouds. He studied physics at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. From 2007 until 2011 he conducted his PhD at ETH Zürich and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland before pursuing two postdoctoral positions at PSI and Stockholm University.


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