EESS talk on "Rational Design and Process Evaluation of Aqueous-phase Advanced Oxidation Processes"


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Date 09.11.2021 12:1513:15  
Speaker Dr Daisuke Minakata, Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering, Michigan Tech University (USA) and EAWAG Visiting Professor
Location Online
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The identification of trace organic contaminants in natural waterways and during water and wastewater treatment processes has raised public concerns about the uncertain adverse effects to human health and ecosystems. Advanced oxidation and reduction processes that produce highly reactive radicals such as hydroxyl radicals and solvated electrons at room temperature and atmospheric pressure are attractive and promising methods that can destroy a wide variety of reduced and oxidized forms of organic contaminants. Reactive radical species rapidly reacts with water constituents and target contaminants to initiate a series of radical-involved chain reactions that lead to various intermediates and transformation byproducts. Although a number of experiments and kinetic models have revealed the major reaction pathways for some contaminants, the fate of the transformation byproducts has not yet been elucidated.
In this talk, I will present the fundamentals science of advanced oxidation processes and process rational with applications. I will also cover research projects on advanced oxidation and reduction processes I have conducted in the last 20 years.

Short biography:
Dr. Minakata is an associate professor in Environmental Engineering at Michigan Tech.  Dr. Minakata earned Ph.D. degree in Environmental Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2010 and M.S. and B.S. from Kyoto University in Japan. After he earned Ph.D., he worked as a research engineer at the Brook Byer Institute of Sustainable Systems at Georgia Tech for 3.5 years and in 2013 Dr. Minakata joined CEE department at Michigan Tech. Since 2020, he has been promoted to associate professor. In 2021-2022, Dr. Minakata is spending his sabbatical at Eawag working on ozonation and chemical oxidation processes with Professor Urs von Gunten.

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Advanced oxidation and reduction processes micropollutant water and wastewater treatment and reuse chemistry of free radicals