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EESS talk on "Recent unprecedented state of Eastern Mediterranean Sea within the last millennium"


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Date and time 17.09.2019 12:1513:00  
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Speaker Dr Aldo Shemesh, professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science (IL) - was appointed full professor at Weizmann Institute of Science in 1989 after obtaining a PhD in Isotope Chemistry back in 1986. Since 2014, heads the De Botton Center for Marine Science, Weizmann Institute of Science as well as since 2003, the Sussman Family Center for Environmental Sciences  at the same institution. His was head of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Energy research from 1997-2003.
His scientific interest lay in s Stable isotope geochemistry, climate change, biogenic opal oxygen isotopes, Mediterranean climate change records, vermetid stable isotopes, high and low latitude siliceous sediment, continental paleoclimate retrieved from biogenic opal, Southern Ocean paleo-productivity, meltwater isotope signals, coral calcification and isotope signal buildup, ocean acidification, deep-sea biogenic opal maturation to chert, autonomous underwater vehicle in the Mediterranean.
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The Mediterranean region is a climatic transitional zone between the subtropical/monsoon regime and the temperate westerlies and is subject to forces acting upon the global climate system. Much knowledge about its climate over the last millennium is derived from terrestrial records, whereas changes in sea surface temperatures (SSTs) and in the dissolved inorganic carbon pool (DIC) are poorly known. I will present continuous high-resolution reconstructions of SST and d13CDIC in the eastern Mediterranean (EM) Sea, as inferred from oxygen and carbon isotope records from the skeletons of the reef builder gastropod Dendropoma sp. Spanning the past millennium, the SST reconstruction reveals a 250 year persistent warming trend during which the twentieth century was the warmest on record. Coupled with a distinct trend of d13CDIC depletion and superimposed upon decreased primary production, this climate reconstruction reflects a new state of the EM over the Anthropocene era that exceeds the natural variability of the last millennium.

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