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  Tuesday 13 March 2018 12:15 - 13:15 GR A3 32

EESS talk on "The Lake Kivu Project by Deltares"

By Dr Rob Uittenbogaard, Deltares, NL - visiting scientist @ ECOL

Deltares combines research and projects in the field of water, subsurface and infrastructure with main focus on river basins, deltas and coastal regions. Deltares employs over 800 people with an annual turnover of 100 M€ and is based in Delft and Utrecht in The Netherlands.
From March 1st until Mach 31st I am hosted by prof. Barry (Ecological Engineering Laboratory - ECOL). Following a brief introduction of Deltares, the presentation is about the motivation and objectives of the Lake Kivu project with partners Deep, Nortek, Eawag and EPFL, commissioned by REG/EDCL of Rwanda and supervised by LKMP.
Surface-wave properties and ADCP velocity profiles over the entire depth are recorded by Deep and Nortek at three sites by a single sub-surface mooring deployed for 120 days per site. In this project the hydrodynamic Delft3D-FLOW code, coupled to simulated meteorology above the lake, is used as framework representing the essence of much research performed by Eawag, ETH and EPFL in Lake Kivu. Examples are presented on the intriguing physics and hydrodynamics in this 485 m deep lake of 500 km³ volume, starting with its remarkable storage of methane extracted for electricity generation.
Examples are the wind-driven surface circulation and patterns by the whiting phenomenon induced by algae blooms, the meteorology simulated and observed at an on-lake station, in-situ and simulated seasonal thermal stratification, double-diffusion by stable salinity and unstable temperature profiles, simulation of deep internal motions as well as shearing and the hypothetical consequences of a deep gas blow-out as simulated by a near-field integral bubble plume model two-way coupled to far-field hydrodynamics (1DV or Delft3D-FLOW).

Short biography:
Rob Uittenbogaard (65) is senior specialist in hydrodynamics and related physics in environmental water and former member of Deltares’ Science Council. His research includes observations and 3D numerical simulations of turbulence and internal waves in density-stratified water, salt intrusion in estuaries and in shipping locks, mixing and transport in thermally-stratified lakes and reservoirs, surface-wave/current interaction, sediment transport, flow through rigid and flexible vegetation, bubble plumes in lakes and bubble screens in shipping locks.

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