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  Friday 20 July 2012 12:00 SV1717

Emerging Biomedical Technologies of High Potential Impact: Brain Image Analysis and Tissue Characterization

By Dr. Atam P. Dhawan, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Recent advances in sensor electronics, instrumentation and computing technologies have revolutionized the field of medicine. Research in basic, applied and clinical sciences have impacted the diagnosis, and pathological understanding of critical disease such as cancers, cardiac failure and neurological disorders. As the diagnostic radiology has witnessed astounding developments of multiple medical imaging modalities such as X-ray Mammography, CT, Nuclear Medicine, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Ultrasound, the health care has evolved into a new phase with emphasis on computerized medical instrumentation and data analysis for early diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and therapeutic intervention. This talk will first focus on current and future trends in fast emerging biomedical technologies with high potential impact in improving global healthcare. Five areas of inter-disciplinary biomedical research and technology development that are expected to make significant impact in medicine and clinical healthcare will be discussed. However, the complexity of human body imposes several challenges for future healthcare technologies due to lack of understanding of physiological processes and interactions among multiple biological levels from gene to organ levels defining the normal and pathological behavior. Some examples of recent research in multi-modality multi-scale brain imaging, analysis and tissue characterization will be presented along with applications in clinical diagnosis and management of neurological diseases and disorders.

Organization Prof. S. Micera

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