Internal trainings

  Monday 27 March 2017 12:15 - 14:00 CM 1 106


The aim of this event is to train ERC Grant Holders in writing a competitive proposal for a Proof of Concept grant. Input from the ERC National Contact Points, EPFL Research Office, EPFL Technology Transfer Office and insight from a PoC Grant Winner will be provided.

The PoC grant amounts to €150’000 for a maximum duration of 18 months and is awarded to ERC grantees only. They allow the researchers to test the marketability of their research results and evaluate their business potential (commercialisation).

Upcoming call dealdines: 25.04.2017 & 05.09.2017

Agenda of the event:

  • Introduction to the PoC Scheme - Sonja Heintel-Battin, ERC advisor - Euresearch Head Office Bern
  • How to write a competitive proposal - Dr. Katja Wirth, National Contact Point ERC - Euresearch Head Office Bern
  • Testimony of PoC Grant Holder - Prof. Martin Gijs, EPFL Full Professor - Microsystems Laboratory 2
  • Input from the Technology Transfer Office - Dr. André Catana, Technology Transfer manager – EPFL Technology Transfer Office
  • Input from the Research Office - Dr. Charlotte Vandenberghe, Coordinator International Funding - EPFL Research Office

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Organization EPFL Research Office

Accessibility Informed public

Admittance Registration required