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Date 17.08.2022  
Category Call for proposal

The Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) promotes research for organic and sustainable agriculture.

The FOAG can grant contributions for research and development projects and/or interdisciplinary projects that require complementary skills and knowledge to be brought together in a consortium of several applicants in order to develop a new joint research approach.

Funding is available for research and development projects formed by qualified research institutes (university research institutes or non-profit research institutes not affiliated to a university) or qualified independent scientists

In the field of organic agriculture, only collective projects can receive funding. Consortia for integrated projects consist of at least two applicants from different research institutions. These institutions are universities or non-profit research centres outside the higher education sector. The consortia are associated with research centres, but preferably also with sectors, industry and SMEs, as well as with local people.

The application must be submitted on the form provided (in German), together with the budget template.

Funding: No maximum amount

Submission deadline: 17 August 2022

For further information: please visit the FOAG webpage. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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