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Date 31.01.2022  
Category Call for proposal

The Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) is launching a call for proposals on Flow Resistance of Fires in Road Tunnel - Validation (BGT_20_00A)

The research needs and objectives for the project can be summarised as follows:

  1. Presentation of the international state of research concerning tests, procedures and assumptions for the dimensioning of ventilation in road tunnels for the event of fire.
  2. Evaluation of suitable tests or, if not available, planning and execution of tests which allow sufficiently usable data for a validation of numerical simulations of air flows in tunnels in the event of fire.
  3. Validation of the numerical simulations of the FEDRO research project AGT 2017/005 for different tunnel configurations of the FEDRO road network based on the results of the tests. In particular, a validation and quantification of the flow resistance generated by the fire should be made.
  4. Develop recommendations for the amendment of the ASTRA 13001 guideline on the dimensioning of ventilation in road tunnels in the event of fire.

Submission deadline : 31 January 2022

Funding : CHF 200’000.-

Submission procedures :
  • Interested research institutions are invited to submit their research proposal to the office of the Working Group "Bridges, Geotechnics and Tunnels" (BGT AG) by 31.01.2022 at [email protected]  with the project number (e.g. BGT-20-00A).
  • The research proposal consists of two parts, Form 2 and the project description (in PDF and Word).
  • Form 2 and the project description can be submitted in one of the national languages or in English.

For further information, please visit the FEDRO webpage, the call guidelines and the submission Form 2.

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