Call for proposal

  Friday 20 July 2018


The programme Microbials supports interdisciplinary, cross-institutional, impact-oriented, innovative and applied projects, dealing with the direct use of modified or domesticated microbial resources in health and technology. Focus: applications in human and veterinary medicine, the environment, energy production, water treatment, food science and other areas. GRS does NOT provide merely additional (residual) financing of large initiatives.                                                                                      
Funding & Duration: up to CHF 300,000 to 500,000 for 2-3 years.
10 July 2018 (EPFL deadline): send your Application to Research Office to obtain a Letter of Endorsement.
20 July 2018 (Call deadline): submit your final Application via the Webportal "Microbials".
    1.    The leader of the project management team creates an account on GRS web portal.
    2.    Fill out the Online Application Form and Proposal Template.
    3.    The Application must include a letter of endorsement from the institution.
    4.    Upload your completed Proposal Template, including all attachments, as a single PDF, in the section “Proposal upload” of the web portal.
    5.    Decision: announced in mid-November 2018.
Eligible costs: Salaries and Material costs linked to the project.
Does NOT cover: Infrastructure, Equipment and Overheads.
For EPFL Instructions and Toolkit, have a look at the Research Office website.

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