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Date and time 27.05.2020  
Category Call for proposal

The Gerda Henkel Foundation was established in 1976 in Düsseldorf to support the historical humanities.
The Foundation supports research in the following fields: Archaeology, History of Art, Historical Islamic Studies, History, History of Science, History of Law, Prehistory and Early History.
In addition, the foundation offers the following thematic grants: Security, Society and the State; Patrimonies; Democracy; Lost Cities.
Projects and individuals in the following areas are NOT supported: Medicine, Natural and Engineering Sciences, Psychology, Linguistics and Literature Studies, Drama or Film Studies, Economics.
The foundation offers various grants for:

  1. Research projects conducted independently by applicants holding a PhD.
  2. Postdoctoral scholarships.
  3. PhD scholarships.
Funding covers personnel costs (only for PhD students and Postdocs), travel and material expenses. The grants do not cover overhead costs.
Who can apply: Academics in the fields of historical humanities, regardless of their nationality and place of work.
Deadlines for the 2020 non-thematic calls:
  • For Research projects and Postdoctoral scholarships above EUR 25K: 27 May (earliest start: December).
  • For Research projects and Postdoctoral scholarships below EUR 25K: Rolling call (decision: within 3-4 months).
  • For PhD scholarships: Rolling call (decision: within 6 months).
Deadlines for the 2020 thematic calls:
  • For the "Democracy" research programme: 2 June.
  • For the "Lost Cities" research programme: 2 June.
  • For the "Security, Society and the State" research programme: 30 November.
  • For the "Patrimonies" research programme: Rolling call.
For further information, please have a look at the foundation’s website and at the support projects.

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