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Date and time 13.11.2019  
Category Call for proposal
Aim: Countries rely on both routine health systems and campaign-based delivery to extend the reach of important health interventions such as accelerated disease control and delivery of life-saving health products and services. Many programs, including immunization, neglected tropical diseases, nutrition, malaria, and polio regularly rely on such campaigns to manage the spread of disease and achieve large scale health impact. Although many campaigns experiment with or implement innovations to increase effectiveness, these innovations are rarely systematically evaluated, iterated upon, and disseminated.
To improve this, the latest Grand Challenge from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation involves innovative solutions that accelerate the improvement of coverage, reach, efficiency, and effectiveness of health campaigns. Specifically, it seeks innovations in approaches, practices, or tools that dramatically improve the planning and microplanning, implementation / operations, and monitoring and evaluation that will lead to improved effectiveness of campaigns.
Criteria for success include solutions that:
  • Are transformative, novel, or innovative. These interventions will significantly change the way in which campaigns are planned, conducted, or evaluated by proposing new ways of working, leveraging lessons from other sectors, or increasing transparency and effectiveness.
  • Could be used by various health campaigns beyond the campaign in which the innovation is originally conceptualized or tested, such as for immunization (measles, yellow fever, meningitis, etc.), neglected tropical diseases (trachoma, onchocerciasis, schistosomiasis etc.), nutrition (vitamin A, deworming), malaria (bed net distribution, seasonal malaria chemoprophylaxis), and polio.
  • Could be used in various low- and middle-income countries beyond the country in which the innovation is originally conceptualized or tested.
  • Can be designed, tested, and scaled as a "best practice".
  • Can be applied in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Are cost effective.
Funding:        USD $ 100’000*
Duration:      18 months
*If successful in the Phase I implementation, applicants may apply for Phase II funding up to $1M
Eligibility: This opportunity is open to both foreign and domestic organizations, including non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, international organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions.
How to Apply: Two-page applications can be submitted on the Grand Challenges portal. Templates for the application form can be downloaded here. Proposals will be reviewed blindly of their applicants; therefore, you should describe your project without identifying personal or organizational information and not refer to potential project partners by names or other identifying information. During submission, you must provide information about your organization’s tax status; EPFL applicants should contact the Research Office with any questions.
Deadline:      13 November 2019 (11:30 am PST)
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