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Date and time 01.06.2019  
Category Call for proposal

The Ikea Foundation Switzerland supports:

  • Prototypes and product developments anywhere in the world
  • Product and collection presentations at public exhibitions anywhere in the world
  • Competitions (only if its programme is arranged by specialists and its results are judged by experts)
  • Workshops and lectures (only if targeting students or treating topics relevant to students)
Supported projects must be in the fields of:
  • Architecture: architecture, interior design, landscape architecture (incl. scenography), urban construction and room planning;
  • Design: product design, furniture or lighting design, textile design;
  • Arts and crafts: ceramics, jewellery, pottery and glassware, textiles.
Who can apply
  • Max. 32 years old (except for Events Grants that are open to applicants of any age) +
  • Swiss residency or applicants with a proven link to the country (lived in CH for at least 3 years or born in CH) +
  • Any career level
Funding and duration: no upper or lower limit.
  • Eligible costs for prototypes and product development: production costs, material costs, overall costs and costs for planning and administration.
  • Eligible costs for events: administrative costs (rent, fees, technology, administrative outlay, costs for communication and marketing, wages etc.) and overall costs for the event.
  • 1 February, 1 June and 1 October (every year)
  • Decision: within 1 month.
For more information, please have a look at the foundation website and call webpage.

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