IMX Seminar Series - Analyzing Lignin and Cellulose - adding some new methods to an old case


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Date 15.04.2024
Hour 13:1514:15
Speaker Prof. Antje Potthast, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU)
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The lecture summarizes recent developments from our lab for the chemical analysis of cellulose and lignin. For the lignin case we are trying to add speed to lignin analysis to allow a higher throughput without compromising accuracy and precision. Complementary to the speed techniques, also recent general developments, such as two-dimensional chromatography systems for the analysis of lignosulfonates or approaches to utilize chemometrics in combination with chromatographic methods, are discussed. In the case of cellulose, our research oscillates between chemical modifications of pulps, fibers, paper, and historical materials and the development of associated analytical processes in order to better characterize either the material itself or the modification processes. The lecture will illustrate this with selected examples.


Antje POTTHAST has studied Chemistry at Dresden University of Technology and was a visiting scientist at NC State University in Raleigh, USA, where she also worked as a postdoc. She did her habilitation in Wood Chemistry at BOKU University Vienna, where she is currently full professor at the Department of Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry of Renewables. Antje Potthast conducts research in the field of biopolymer chemistry, in particular the analysis and modification of cellulose and lignin (structure, modification, utilization, analytical method development) in very different research areas also including historic materials and paper aging and mechanisms. She is deputy head of the Austrian Biorefinery Center Tulln (ABCT) and leads the doctoral school ABC&M ("Advanced biorefineries - chemistry and materials"), which trains future biorefinery experts working in university research, policy consulting or industry. Antje Potthast has published +390 SCI papers.



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  • Prof. Tiffany Abitbol & Prof. Gregor Jotzu


  • Prof. Tiffany Abitbol & Prof. Gregor Jotzu

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