IMX Seminar Series - Construction of robust MOFs as versatile platforms for applications


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Date and time 10.05.2021 13:1514:15  
Speaker Dr Christian Serre, École Normale Supérieure, France
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Metal Organic Frameworks are fascinating hybrid ordered porous solids due to their unprecedented chemical and structural diversity making them appealing candidates for a wide range of potential applications such as separation, sensing, catalysis or biomedicine etc... So far we have given priority to the the design/use of robust MOFs, mainly constructed from abundant metals and cheap ligands, capable of withstanding the stability requirements of a given application as well as being scale-up. I will analyse the situation of a few representative MOF benchmarks in terms of synthesis optimization, shaping up to their applications related to energy (e.g. heat reallocation, H2 production, proton conductivity...), environmental remediation (depollution) or biomedicine (drug delivery, health care).


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  • Maartje Bastings & Philip Moll


  • Maartje Bastings & Philip Moll

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