IMX Seminar Series - Main challenges for more sustainable materials in packaging


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Date and time 05.10.2020 13:1514:15  
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Speaker Dr Julien Bras, Nestlé
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Actions to make high performance packaging but also recyclable or to reduce use of virgin plastics are numerous, but cannot be achieved without development of new materials.
This short seminar will introduce this topic, highlight the main challenges in materials science and propose some examples, by focusing on the recent development within the Nestlé Institute of Packaging Sciences, the food industry’s first such enterprise. The institute has around 50 scientists who conduct cutting-edge packaging research to ensure the safety and applicability of new materials. Research outcomes include new refillable or reusable systems, high-performance barrier papers and the introduction of more recycled content into packaging. Introduction of alternative packaging materials, invest in infrastructure and work with consumers help solving the packaging waste challenge, and a specific focus on material sustainability will also be proposed to understand impact of material design in climate change.

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  • Maartje Bastings & Harm-Anton Klok


  • Maartje Bastings & Harm-Anton Klok

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