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Date 31.12.2022  
Category Call for proposal
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The ISREC Foundation would like to launch a call for projects that are submitted by pairs of clinicians and research scientists (one each) who have jointly designed a translational research project that they will co-lead. The projects to be funded will be reviewed and selected by the ISREC Foundation’s Scientific Board.

The Tandem program will fund 2- or 3-year grants for the salaries of postdocs or research assistants who will be co-supervised by a team of equals – one clinician and one research scientist/engineer. The fellows recruited for Tandem funding will work towards translating basic research findings into improved cancer therapies or biomarker development.

Who can apply:

  • Only projects developed and co-directed by a clinician and a basic scientist will be accepted.
  • Applicants must be attached to a Swiss academic institution or research lab.
  • Teams consisting of more than two scientists are an option, but trainees should not be co-applicants.
  • A team consisting of a basic scientist and one or more clinicians is acceptable upon justification.
  • Proof of an appropriate research environment will be required, and the applicants should hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in medical, biomedical, engineering or natural sciences.
What can be funded:
  • The highest possible budget for each project is CHF 550’000 over 3 years.
  • Other funding sources must be disclosed.
  • Funds can be used for salaries and laboratory supplies, but preferably not the salaries of the applicants. 
  • If multiple institutions are involved, one must take the financial lead for the management of the funds.
  • Funds ca be requested for “protected time” i.e., time freed from clinical obligation to allow a medically trained person to work on the project in the laboratory.
  • Please submit a letter of intent (non-binding) by December 31, 2022, containing the names of principal applicants, the topic or title, a brief abstract (150 word maximum) and keywords.
  • Deadline for applications: March 1, 2023
More info: visit the call webpage.

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