K2A | Call for Mobility Grants with South Asia


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Date 15.08.2022  
Category Conferences - Seminars
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The Leading House South Asia and Iran is pleased to share with you information on the Call for Mobility Grants by the Knowledge 2 Action Network. The grants are offered by the Clusters of Cooperation in the Global South (CLOC) and are sponsored by swissuniversities Development and Cooperation Network (SUDAC).

The intention of this grant is primarily to promote knowledge circulation in the domain of sustainable development through exchanges between CLOC partner organisations in South Asia and Switzerland.

The purpose of travel could be for carrying out field visits, research collaborations, concrete implementation of research results and/or teaching initiatives.

Who can apply: doctoral / post-doctoral students from South Asia and Switzerland seeking exposure and enhancing their career profiles are welcome to apply.

Funding  and Duration:

  • For doctoral students: South-South (800 CHF), South-North (3000 CHF), North-South (1700 CHF) exchanges of min. 2 months.
  • For postdocs: South-South (900 CHF), South-North (4200 CHF), North-South (1500 CHF) exchanges of 3 weeks.
Deadline: 15 August 2022

Further info: Apply here and visit this webpage for more details.

Note: The researcher must provide a support letter from the supervisor of the host university, enlisting the support provided by them during the research stay.

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