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  Wednesday 17 February 2016 14:00 - 17:30 Cery - Escale

Lausanne Happy Hours

By Anthony Carrard, Aurélie Delacrétaz, Caroline Vandeleur and Marie-Pierre Strippoli, Daniella Dwir, Basilio Giangreco

14h00 - Anthony Carrard (group Jean-Luc Martin): Peripheral administration of lactate induces antidepressant-like effects.
14h35 - Aurélie Delacrétaz (group Chin Eap): Influence of MCHR2 and CRTC1 variants on obesity features in patients with depression.
15h10 - Caroline Vandeleur and Marie-Pierre Strippoli (group Martin Preisig): The Lausanne-Geneva cohort study of offspring of parents with mood disorders: methodology, first results, current sample characteristics and perspectives
16h00 - Daniella Dwir (group Kim Do): Interaction between oxidative stress and neuroinflammtion in schizophrenia pathophysiology
16h35 - Basilio Giangreco (group Kim Do): Modelling Schizophrenia using induced pluripotent stem cells technology.

17h10 - Apero, offert par Synapsy

Organization Paul Klauser - NCCR Synapsy


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