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  Wednesday 9 May 2018 12:15 - 13:15 SV 1717

LSS & BMI Seminar // The neurobiology of Drosophila reproductive behaviour

By Prof. Barry Dickson, Dickson's Lab, HHMI Janelia, Ashburn, Virginia, USA

The elaborate behavioural rituals many animal species perform in order to mate and reproduce have long been a source of fascination naturalists and scientists, leading to many key insights in the fields of ecology and evolution. They also offer several advantages for neurobiologists trying to understand the neural circuit mechanisms that generate adaptive behaviour, being complex, robust, innate, and stereotyped behaviours that must rely at least in part on circuits that are sexually dimorphic. I will discuss our progress in defining the structure and function of the dimorphic circuits that control male courtship, female receptivity, and female egg-laying in Drosophila, and suggest that a common organizational principal underlies the operation of both the male and female mating circuits.

Organization LSS & BMI Host : Brian McCabe


Accessibility Informed public

Admittance Free