MEchanics GAthering –MEGA- Seminar: Dynamic light scattering as a probe of very small deformations


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Date 23.03.2023
Hour 16:1517:30
Speaker Prof. Jérôme Crassous (University of Rennes; visiting FLEXLAB, EPFL)
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
Numerous measurement methods allow access to the deformation fields of solids. Each of them has different metrological specificities. In this presentation I will discuss the use and specificities of dynamic light scattering techniques. In a first part, I will recall some of the light scattering techniques, and show the relation between the correlation of the scattered light and the deformation of solid or fluids. In a second part I will show some applications: measurement of tiny elastic deformations, thermal expansion, precursors to cracking and measurement of shear stress.  

Jerome crassous is a professor of Physics at the University of Rennes. After a PhD on nano-wetting, he was an assistant professor at the ENS de Lyon where he worked on adhesion and lubrication force measurements. At the University of Rennes he developed techniques for measuring microstrain based on dynamic light scattering, and used it to characterize deformations of granular materials. His current research interests include plasticity of granular materials, and collective effects in frictional media.

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