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MEchanics GAthering -MEGA- Seminar: Kirigami-inspired architected materials


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Date and time 11.10.2018 16:1517:30  
Place and room
Speaker Ahmad Rafsanjani, ETH Zürich
Category Conferences - Seminars

Kirigami - the ancient Japanese art of cutting paper - has recently inspired the design of highly stretchable and morphable mechanical metamaterials that can be easily realized by embedding an array of cuts into a thin sheet. In this talk, I focus on several mechanical systems which all share an attractive feature: they are all manufactured flat and by harnessing large deformations and elastic instabilities they can be transformed into complex three-dimensional configurations while the bulk material remains in the nearly linear regime. Finally, I demonstrate the potential application of kirigami-inspired architected materials in morphable structures, propagation of large deformations and even in soft robots!

Bio I am Ahmad Rafsanjani (1984), a mechanical engineer and received my PhD from ETH Zurich in 2013 working on mechanics and swelling behavior of wood. Following my doctoral studies, I received two SNSF postdoc mobility fellowships and joined first Prof. Damiano Pasini’s group at McGill University and later Prof. Katia Bertoldi’s group at Harvard University where I worked on mechanical design of architected materials with a focus on multistable structures, kirigami metamaterials and soft robots. Since March 2018, I returned to ETH Zurich under SNSF Return-CH postdoc program and joined Prof. André Studart’s Complex Materials group to explore 3D printing of such structure.

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