MEchanics GAthering -MEGA- Seminar: Shell buckling revisited


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Date 18.04.2019
Hour 16:1517:30
Speaker Emilio José Lozano VazquezECPS, EPFL & Dong Yan, fleXLab, EPFL
Category Conferences - Seminars
Abstract Shells buckle under compression load levels below the thresholds predicted by linear stability analysis. The reduction of the load-carrying capacity has been linked to extreme sensitivity to geometric imperfections. Historically, spatially extended periodic imperfections have been analyzed to mimic this behavior. Recent fully nonlinear analysis of the shell equations suggests however the importance of spatially localized imperfections. We thus characterize experimentally and numerically the effect of spatially localized imperfections in an axially loaded cylindrical shell. For different types of imperfections, the buckling thresholds as a function of its size show similar behavior. This suggests a universal failure mechanism due to local buckling.

The sensitivity of buckling to localized geometric imperfections has also been recognized in spherical shells. The distribution and interaction of defects dictate the buckling strength of shell structures. To date, the successful prediction of critical loads is restricted to cases with a single defect, of known geometry. However, in reality, shells typically contain a distribution of defects and their interaction has not been well studied. In this talk, we will focus on spherical shells with multiple defects and study the role of defect interactions in dictating the buckling pressure. Our results provide a better understanding of defect interactions, which we hope will put us on a step to better predict the buckling pressure of practical shell structures.

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