MEchanics GAthering -MEGA- Seminar: Talk 1 - Weak nonlinearity for strong nonnormality; Talk 2 - Network-based modeling of turbulent fows


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Date 21.10.2021 16:1517:30  
Speaker Yves-Marie Ducimetière (LFMI, EPFL), Daniel Fernex (UNFoLD, EPFL)
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
Talk 1: Weak nonlinearity for strong nonnormality, by Yves-Marie Ducimetière (LFMI, EPFL)

Abstract We propose a theoretical approach to derive amplitude equations governing the weakly nonlinear evolution of nonnormal systems, when they experience transient growth or respond to harmonic forcing. This approach reconciles the non-modal nature of these growth mechanisms and the need for a center manifold to project the leading-order dynamics. Under the hypothesis of strong nonnormality, the methodology is outlined for a generic nonlinear dynamical system, and two application cases highlight two common nonnormal mechanisms in hydrodynamics: the flow past a backward-facing step, subject to streamwise convective nonnormal amplification, and the plane Poiseuille flow, subject to lift-up nonnormality.

Bio I am a PhD student at the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Instabilities (LFMI). I am interested in weakly nonlinear effects on complex systems, typically fluid flows, and subject to stochastic/harmonic forcing and/or transient growth. 

Talk 2: Network-based modeling of turbulent fows, by Daniel Fernex (UNFoLD, EPFL)

Abstract Complex nonlinear dynamics govern many fields of science and engineering. Dynamic modeling for the long-term features is a key enabler for understanding, modeling, prediction, control, and optimization. Here we present the cluster-based network modeling bridging machine learning, network science, and statistical physics. Cluster-based network modeling describes short- and long-term behavior and is fully automatable, as it does not rely on application-specific knowledge. This method is demonstrated on numerous examples including a high-dimensional boundary layer flow.

Bio Daniel Fernex is a postdoctoral fellow in the Unsteady Flow Diagnostics Laboratory (UNFoLD) at EPFL. During his PhD at the Technical University Braunschweig he developed network-based techniques to derive simple models from higly non-linear and high-dimensional physical systems. At EPFL, he extends his methods to the field of unsteady aerodynamics to model, understand and optimize systems such as vertical axis wind turbines and pitching airfoils.

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