Organic Chemistry Seminar by Prof. Jakub Svenda - CH-635


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Date 30.11.2022
Hour 16:1517:15
Speaker Prof. Jakub Svenda Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
Title: Reducing synthetic complexity of the bactobolin class of ribosome inhibitors

Natural products remain an important source of bioactive molecules for basic research and drug discovery. Changes to the structure and consequently properties of many natural products, notwithstanding their potential, remain non-trivial by the currently available technologies, including chemical synthesis. In this lecture, I will describe how strategic planning and ever-evolving synthetic methods helped us overcome the synthetic complexity of bactobolins, an underexplored class of naturally occurring ribosome inhibitors. Simple access to synthetic bactobolins enables broad investigation of this natural product family.

Speaker's biography:
Ph.D., Harvard University (Andrew G. Myers), 2004-2010
Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute (Herbert Waldmann), 2010-2012
Assistant Professor, Masaryk University, Czech Republic, 2013-present
Scientist, International Clinical Research Center, Czech Republic, 2013-present

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