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  Wednesday 13 June 2018 15:00 - 16:30 ODY 4 03

Seminar by Prof. Xuan Vinh Doan, The University of Warwick

By Prof. Xuan Vinh Doan, The University of Warwick

"Robust retrofitting planning under endogenous uncertainty"


Retrofitting planning aims to strengthen strategic links in an infrastructure network, which is subject to failures due to disasters. The main focuses are network connectivity and post-disaster travel costs. In this talk, we propose a robust optimization framework to handle distributional ambiguity of decision-dependent random link failures in retrofitting planning. We analyze several properties of optimal solutions, which allows us to reformulate the problem as a mixed-integer linear optimization problem. Computationally, we propose a constraint generation method to solve the problem given the large number of potential scenarios. We analyze the tractability of the proposed approach and demonstrate it with numerical experiments.

Organization College of Management of Technology


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